Loved the world over....
(as long as you have a narrow concept of the world).

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     To be wholly accurate it is primarily me, Joe Starzyk (though my family is immensely helpful and supportive). I began writing scripts in college and then took a 27 year hiatus. I began writing again to have a project to do with my youngest daughter and the rest, as they say, is history.
     You can find many of my titles and descriptions of said plays, on the website. All plays are the sole property of Joe Starzyk and are copyright protected. Therefore they can not be produced, copied, reproduced or altered without the express written consent of the author. Who by the way is a most engaging fellow.
     Hopefully, you've browsed the site and are dying to know more about these wonderful plays. All your friends have, so you should have too. They're great for large or small venues. There are comedies and dramas (though mostly comedies). They'll make you laugh, cry, change your life, change your luck and change your ideas about original works.
     Plays, both full and short, are perfect for dinner theater, fund raisers, theaters that want to make money, theaters that want to WOW their audiences, weddings, bar mitzvahs, kwanzaa celebrations and of course flag day. So continue on and see how you can contact us.