The largest 10-minute play festival in the world, Short+Sweet Sydney knows how to enthrall audiences...We were absolutely wowed by the calibre of the writing and the performances.

By far my top play of the evening was the final one of the night, The Golden Years. Felicity Burke and Duncan Armitage were pitch-perfect as the aforementioned English couple. The script was so tight you had to concentrate on every line; the delivery, more perfect with every minute.
— The Plus Ones - Sydney AUS APRIL 9, 2018

“When Irish Eyes are Flirting” by Joe Starzyk was directed by award-winning local icon Harry Diavatis and was absolutely hysterical. It was about an older Irish man played by Daryl Roberts teaching a younger wingman, played by Erik Donovan, his secrets to attracting women. Alexandra Leonardo and June Alane Reif also shone as the targets of their affections
— DAILY REPUBLIC - Fairfield,CA Dec 12,2012

Professor Roth’s Will is gritty, emotionally brutal and thought provoking. In this work, Starzyk unpeels the pretense of familial niceties and bludgeons the audience with the after effects of emotionally cold parenting, revelation of shattering family secrets, and not-so-funny one liners about the baby of the family being the “accidental child”...

For those ready for explosive provocative drama – Professor Roth’s Will could easily be this season’s most significant choice. We expect that this production will catch the attention of dramatists from Seattle to Everett.
— My Edmonds News - January 20, 2017

I do want to point out one of the plays, “When Irish Eyes are Flirting,” written by Joe Starzyk and directed by Harry Diavatis. We were able to vote for our favorites that night, and this play was mine.
— NAPA VALLEY REGISTER - Napa, CA Jan 8, 2013


“Ah, nuptials: Modern playwrights continue to exploit the three-ring circus of matrimonial union for humor. Joe Starzyk’s relatively new comedy “Wedding Secrets” measures up to the best of them.”

“Instant Harmony by Joe Starzyk tackles the subject of computer dating services. Starzyk knows how to set up a joke and make it pay off, with an unexpected and hilarious ending...

Theatre Southwest wisely closes the evening with this comedic triumph.”

“Interaction among these siblings begins to open old wounds, and negative life patterns begin to reestablish themselves. Animosity and hostility surface as disruptive forces...

...As serious as this sounds, you will find humor to lighten the performance, and bring you into touch with the relationship between comedy and drama. Be thankful for this...

You will be glad to experience the exciting conclusion of Professor Roth’s Will.”